Mireille Goetghebeur PhD

Vice-President Operations

Mireille Goetghebeur PhDTrained in biochemistry and nutrition at the University of Montpellier and the Institute of Engineering Sciences of Montpellier in France, Mireille moved to Macdonald College, McGill University, in Montreal where her research focused on applied biotechnology. Mireille subsequently joined the International Scientific and Information Service at Benefit-Quintiles where she focused on applied health outcomes and health economics. Co-founder of BioMedCom Consultants, she was instrumental in establishing systems, databases and tools that integrate BioMedCom operations and facilitate production of evidence-based documentation. With over fifteen years of experience in health economics and outcomes research application across a broad range of therapeutic areas, Mireille oversees BioMedCom studies, and is directly involved in strategy, design and implementation. She oversees the Interface project, a database of decisionmaking processes for drug reimbursement in key regions of the world. Mireille is a principal investigator for the EVIDEM project, a pragmatic decisionmaking framework and web registry bridging health technology assessment (HTA) and multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA), and is currently serving as President of the EVIDEM Collaboration. Her research interests focus on development of efficient tools, processes and information systems that facilitate healthcare decisionmaking at all levels. Mireille is an Associate Member of the Research Center of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Ste Justine.