Strategic Application Planning

Obtain the most value from your R&D investment. Too often communication strategies are only developed once considerable time and resources have already been invested in research and development; planning is most effective when it goes hand in hand with early R&D strategies. Planning with the end in mind is the most potent approach to achieving your ultimate objectives and BioMedCom™ can help. Strategies will be structured on your product, your objectives and your specific needs.

Applied Research Studies

BioMedCom™ has worked for many years in health outcomes. We can assist you with:

  • Budget Impact Modeling (Canada, USA)
  • Markov & Excel modeling
  • Other economic analyses (CCA, CEA, CUA)
  • Data mining and analyses
  • Systematic review and meta-analysis
  • Gap analyses and SWOT
  • Statistical analyses
  • Surveys & Interviews

Backgrounders and Briefing Reports

BioMedCom™ has the experience and the expertise to provide you with comprehensive analyses, up-to-date reviews, summaries and briefing documents for various purposes, as detailed or superficial as required. Each document is tailored to your specific needs, and for the intended audience. There is no topic we cannot address; any therapeutic area, drug class, regional or global healthcare issue. If you need information we can help you obtain it.

Research Reports & Technical Summaries

Our Research Application Associates are trained researchers, experienced in both the conduct and communication of solid health outcomes research. We work with a battery of templates and follow standard operating procedures that incorporate important international standards. To ensure that your research record is well documented and transparent, BioMedCom™ can work with your research team to ensure your studies are captured effectively.

Global Value Dossiers

The Global Value Dossier (GVD) provides a current, comprehensive portfolio of solid, scientifically dependable information to support the market access function for your product. Imagine having everything you need in one place and organized to be easily accessible to all employees who need this information.

The GVD is developed primarily for Market Access teams with a need to transmit clear, credible information to both internal and external bodies, in support of formulary acceptance; however, it is also a useful tool for in-house research teams, providing continuity of core knowledge in therapeutic areas and a summary of in-house outcomes research. Marketing and Sales groups may use the GVD as a scientific resource for marketing and training purposes, and Medical Information and Public Relations as a reliable basis for information dissemination.

The GVD is individualized to your needs, the intended indication(s) of the product or technology, and the material available.

Market Access Submissions

BioMedCom™ has successfully developed formulary packages for regional, federal, private payer, hospital and other institutional decisionmakers in Canada and the US. We have prepared over 200 submissions. If you need a full package we can help: clinical and economic summaries, rationale for product use, justification for product listing, budget impact analysis and report, specific required forms OR…we can assist with just the part that your needs dictate.

Our submissions are intended to transmit clear, credible messages in support of a product or technology to an external decisionmaking body with as strong a scientific and economic rationale as possible based on available evidence. Our templates incorporate international guidelines for reporting of biomedical, health economic and outcomes information, as well as the specific requirements of the intended audience. Each document is supported with thorough referencing and source material for expert reviewers.

Manuscripts for Peer-review Publication

Much research lies fallow, without dissemination, without obtaining its maximum value, often because there is not sufficient time or expertise. Our research background and experience allows us to confidently develop for your needs:

  • Research manuscripts
  • Review manuscripts
  • Position papers & consensus documents

We can work with your researchers to maximize dissemination of their studies, put together systematic review papers according to your needs, or help develop position papers in collaboration with acknowledged opinion leaders.

Because we are flexible, we can handle the entire process from concept to publication, or simply assist you in bringing your draft manuscript to a higher level. We can help you achieve a scientifically solid, transparent publication that obtains the most value possible from your research.

Depending on your needs, our contribution may include:

  • Help identifying an appropriate journal
  • Literature review and synthesis
  • Review and synthesis of reports and other available documentation and data
  • Preparation of a complete draft manuscript according to journal requirements
  • Review and revision of the draft manuscript
  • Formatting of the manuscript according to journal requirements
  • Submission of the manuscript to the target journal… and follow up
  • Revision of the manuscript according to reviewers’ comments
  • Revision of page proofs

Scientific Presentations

We are experienced in the preparation and presentation of research data in all its formats. Working from study reports, manuscripts or research data we help develop relevant and appropriate abstracts for scientific meetings, poster or podium presentations that address the audience and specific requirements of the meeting. Close collaboration with a graphic design group allows us to provide you with impressive, professional material that will enhance the overall impact of your work on its audience.

Services - poster picture

Presentation Materials

There are numerous ways in which we need to communicate our research and our ideas. We are experienced in development of presentation materials serving a variety of functions…

  • educational
  • scientific
  • marketing

The length, depth and focus of the presentation is geared to the needs of your audience and the objectives of the presenter. BioMedCom™ presentations incorporate up-to-date, scientifically sound, professional slides in any biomedical, pharmacological or therapeutic field.

Articles for Periodicals and Other Popular Media

We develop columns and articles for periodicals, non-peer-reviewed publications, and the popular media on a variety of topics, from oral health to evidence based market access. Even when these are written for lay audiences, we apply the same rigorous criteria for content and quality as for our scientific publications.

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Recipient of the 2003 Golden Pen Award in the USA Section from the International College of Dentists

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CME & Patient Information Materials

BioMedCom™ has developed continuing medical education materials in various fields of therapy, treatment guidelines, drug classes, as well as patient information materials.